Web & Pitch/Presentation Work

Selling a service? Start by selling yourself:

1. Design a credible brand mark. While logos and web templates can be purchased for less than the price of lunch, a professional brand that’s based on your business model is priceless.
2. Show your best side. Years of advertising experience has led us to the conclusion that less is more— if what’s left is powerful, emotional, and memorable.
3. Connect all the dots. If you’ve ever done one of those “connect the dots” pictures, you’ll know that the picture isn’t complete until you connect the last one. In this case, that means making all your brand communications connect—something that a guy named Steve Jobs was kind of a stickler for.

Case Study: Orchid Holistic Search

Although very tech-savvy, an earlier Orchid Holistic Search website lacked the design sophistication needed to set it apart in a niche market. Natural products companies tend toward graphic sophistication, and so they’re naturally (pardon the pun) attracted to it as well.

In addition, Orchid Holistic Search was having difficulty separating candidates from employers with a single form— this redesign starts by solving that problem.

Animated graphics were employed to tell the competitive advantage story.

Powerpoint Pitch:

Using resolution-independent graphics allowed Thinkfeelrespond to generate scalable vector graphics for web and clean presentation elements for PowerPoint presentations from the same master art. The right tools make a big difference in final presentation and enabled Orchid to have stronger synergy between web, stationery elements, and presentation decks (blurred to protect confidentiality).

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