Technical Communications

How to tell a (very technical) story:

1. Make it visual. Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words, and with technical drawings it may be worth a lot more. Simplifying photographic content into informational diagrams can bring out the best story for your audience.
2. Make it succinct. It’s hard for engineers and program managers to reduce detail, but judicious editing is critical to success.
3. Make it branded. It’s not enough to tell a product story— every technical communication must reinforce your brand story, corporate values, and connect visually to your identity.

Case Study: DANA

When premier PR firm Eisbrenner Public Relations was tasked with the public announcement of some very technical awards, Thinkfeelrespond converted videos, technical documentation, and fragmented diagrams into a one-page overview for press and industry distribution.

Built in Adobe Illustrator, this primarily resolution-independent graphic was also available for use at large scale, as can be seen in the details below.

Here's the final release (PDF)

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