Retail Websites

Three big ideas your Retail Website must communicate:

1. A brand or store differentiator. You have just seconds to grab attention. Whether you’re launching your own product line or selling others, building a brand starts with telling a better story. 
2. A design theme. As the web gets more visual, it’s visual brand cues (or lack of them) that form your online identity. A well-defined brand palette, logo guidelines, and visual style will connect your story across multiple conversations and media.
3. A promotional strategy. More than just an annual calendar, this comprehensive strategy must identify prospects, find them in the social media space, and design engagements that will bring them to your store. Just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll automatically come.

Case Study: in Harmony

As an upstart natural beauty and skincare products line, in Harmony was hitting roadblocks getting onto retail store shelves. The problem wasn’t the product, but the lack of online presence.

Thinkfeelrespond photographed the entire product line, creating the first catalog of product photography and a lush color palette that distinguished in Harmony from the standard Amazon cutouts on white. The website grew from there.


1. Give a great line of products a great online brand. Building on an existing logo, TFR added a color palette, photography, design theme, and fonts to unify communications efforts.
2. Build traffic at existing retail locations. Using geo targeting, visitors from different states see differing banner displays that direct traffic to local full-line suppliers.
3. Provide a base for future growth. The site builds mailing lists, uses internal promo codes, and creates a customer community for a niche product line.

UP 19.57%: Google Organic Search

Google Analytics May 2016 vs May 2015

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