Professional Services Websites

Three things a your professional services site must provide:

1. Validation. Professional service websites are critically important in the RFQ/RFP stage when corporate buyers are reviewing potential bidders—or searching for new ones. Lenders, investors, and financial partners often look to the primary website for evidence of clearly articulated goals and a unique selling proposition.
2. Communication. As even small businesses become further geographically distributed, a primary domain provides continuity of communication among team members (domain-based email) and a great place to centralize internal and external news.
3. Distinction. The corporate website is also a place to distinguish your company from contenders. This only works, of course, if your site is not a common template with clichéd stock photos. Those sites are possibly worse than having none at all.

Case Study: Pro-Active Performance

With an existing site that lacked distinction, Pro-Active Performance was one of many highly capable businesses that was easily overlooked online. “Get me in the door” was the creative brief.

TFR scrapped an existing WordPress platform in favor of a complete custom build, gaining both faster load performance and more distinctive feel in the competitive automotive consulting marketplace.


1. Identify Pro-Active’s distinctive methodology and feature it prominently online. This involved a series of interviews that led to identification of core processes and a storytelling homepage infographic.
2. Showcase the deeply talented team, many of whom are well-known in the industry. Rebranded as “The Outthink Tank,” TFR used a hexagonal theme graphic from the central strategy document to format team images.
3. Present key accomplishments in rapidly digestible format, aka “the work page.” With so many projects done for key industry players, a careful mixture of promotion and discretion provided a “just right” presentation that pulls in search results.
4. Revise the logo and color scheme. Not originally in scope, but necessary for impact and continuity, this project bonus has been applied to all forms of company communications.

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