Professional Website Management

Three Amateur Mistakes:

1. No updates. Sites that remain unattended and unchanged for years tell stories too: Out of touch. Out of time. Out of business. A site that’s completely out of sync with your current business may be worse than having no website at all.
2. No talent. When you update your own site with poor writing, shoddy code patches, or amateur/stolen images, you may do more to hurt your web presence than to help it.
3. No reliability. Still hosting for just a few dollars per month? Yes, it’s cheap. No, it’s not a bargain. You’ll stop using dirt cheap sites when you experience the joy (and reliability) of high-quality hosting.

Case Study: Michigan Center for Fertility & Women's Health

From repairing the payment gateway on a small retail products site to rebuilding the core business site – Michigan Center for Fertility & Women’s Health – TFR now manages over a dozen domains and five major sites for Dr. Carole Kowalczyk.

Successful professional service businesses need professional partners who can solve problems quickly, proactively, and as transparent extensions of the internal corporate culture.

A few of the services TFR provides for clients under contract:

  • High resolution studio and location photography with 24 MP Nikon equipment
  • Audio recording and podcast preparation
  • Image retouching and optimization for web and print
  • Hosting, security, and backup on Digital Ocean, Bluehost premium, and Amazon servers
  • Staff photography on location
  • Strategic consulting, copywriting, and story development
  • Custom icon, graphics, and logo development
  • Domain registration, DNS configuration, and management
  • Email server configuration and management
  • Google analytics installation, configuration, and reporting
  • Wordpress management, custom posting updates
  • Payment gateway configuration (Paypal, Stripe, Formstack, others)

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