Site Management: Medical

Three Common Diagnoses:

1. No reporting. A site without reporting is like a patient with no history. How can you assess health? Measure improvement? 
2. No mobile access. Older sites are not formatted for mobile and tablet screens, losing up to half of potential search traffic and lowering search ranking. Even some new sites are too slow to perform well on mobile.
3. No conversion goal. If your goal is to increase phone calls, is the number readily visible? If you’re trying to distribute patient forms, are they easy to find and open? These conversion goals are often forgotten in site design.

Case Study: Michigan Center for Fertility & Women's Health

For the first major redesign in four years, TFR began by installing Google Analytics:
— Page traffic was measured
— Search queries were analyzed
— Site flow was recorded
— Inbound links were recorded

An entirely new site architecture required that no previous traffic be lost while increasing search visibility with expansion from six pages to more than fifty.


1. Capture MCFWH’s unique look and feel online—tell the story that sets this practice apart. This involved extensive photography, sampling the office interior palette, and exploration of multiple design themes until it felt like “home.”
2. Reach potential patients in a 300-mile radius of Southeast Michigan who are seeking effective, compassionate, and holistic fertility care.
3. Build a platform that adapts and evolves as screen sizes, media, and social sharing patterns evolve.
4. Update brand identity (logo, icons) for small screen use both on the company site and on connected social media.

UP 23.81%: Google Organic Search
UP 44.12%: Bing Organic Search
UP 15.38% Yahoo Organic Search

Google Analytics May 2016 vs May 2015

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