Magazine, Print & Hybrid Publication

The power of printed work:

1. Physical touch. What does a brand feel like? It often begins with the luxurious touch of a business card or printed brochure.
2. Longevity. Magazines and other printed materials remain present in an office, on a desk, or in a home, long after the browser window has closed. And they’re easily picked up and passed along to other readers.
3. The luxury of space. Even the largest phone screens can’t compete with the visual detail and generous size of a magazine spread. Engage your viewers on a larger scale by starting with a larger page.

PorschePlatz: hybrid production

As the Design and PrePress services provider, TFR provided creative services, image sourcing, and digital prepress for a project designed to be delivered near-simultaneously as an electronic document (linked PDF) and bound/printed 24-page book.

The press sheets at left were delivered via Fed Ex by premier Atlanta printer TuckerCastleberry, allowing final review and color correction with actual ink on paper. Multiple imposition styles were used for these 30” x 40” sheets due to a “plus cover” specification that required heavier paper stock for the outer pages of the book.

Expertise we brought:

1. Story and Publication development. Having worked with dozens of domestic and international brands, we understand how to translate brand signature to printed matter— with or without design guidelines.
2. Document formatting and development. Although most professionals use Adobe’s Creative Suite of software for this type of work, few have experience with the many types of presses, mailing restrictions, bindery limitations, custom color options, coatings, and more that are available. Our experience saves you money and grief!
3. Hybrid production flow A relatively new concept – for this project, a single master InDesign document was forked very close to final delivery and optimized for digital experience as well as print reproduction.
4. Change and version management This requires careful attention to detail and a refined proofing process to avoid embarrassment after project delivery and ensure repeat business.

Brands in motion

During production, Porsche’s German headquarters launched new brand standards. Direct access to the brand guide website allowed TFR to interpret the guidelines for the first edition of what has now become an ongoing publication.

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