Business Launch Websites

Three things your new business launch must accomplish:

1. Register a domain. Ideally, this should happen in conjunction with naming your business, and shorter is almost always better.  
2. Purchase hosting. Without hosting, a domain name goes nowhere. This is fine if a domain was purchased for resale, but if you ever plan to use it you should host it—if only to configure email and gather data with analytics tools.
3. Link your site to maps, local search, and social media. This should happen as soon as possible, and often long before your final site is ready—to begin registering your presence in local-weighted search engines.

Case Study: Dembeck Plumbing

Dembeck Plumbing, a company operating in Macomb County Michigan for more than twenty years and specializing in service to manufactured homes, had somehow fallen off the map.

That's in part because Dembeck Plumbing is a truck-based business without a brick-and-mortar address. It's also because without a website or facebook page, this business had effectively become invisible to search engines.


1. Bring "web legitimacy" to an already legitimate business. Step one was to register, configure hosting and email, and configure everything to route to Dembeck's mobile business phone so that contacts would not be missed.
2. Configure a google+ page and business listings, linking Tom's business to google maps using his home address. This enables customers to pull up his listing in search, which Google has localized since 2012.
3. Make a site as mobile as the business, since a majority of Tom's (and probably your) customers search for services on mobile devices. This means using a viewport to reconfigure the site for any screen, enabling quick dial links for phone users, and keeping it fast and simple.

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