Landing Page Design/Optimization

Need higher performance from an existing website? Start here:

1. Determine what your site must do. An amazing number of websites fail because no one has bothered to develop a goal. Thinkfeelrespond can help you identify your key goal and redesign a landing page (usually your home page) to maximize that goal.
2. Install measurement tools. If Google Analytics are not installed, it's a pretty safe bet that the site owners don't know how the site is performing. Similar to driving a car without a dashboard (something I have actually done!), it's really scary.
3. Test variables While many powerful split-testing tools remain expensive, Google has released free optimization tools that let you experiment in ways similar to much larger marketers— and to make performance rather than hunch-based decisions.

Case Study: dotphoto

As a pioneer in web-based photo services, dotphoto had been delighting customers for nearly two decades when it became apparent that more modern-looking competitors were upstaging them.

Rather than change the architecture of this data-driven site, dotphoto helped to refine the brand/logo, revise the home page interface, and clearly articulate the many, many benefits of dotphoto membership.

In addition, nearly all links were removed to provide better focus on "Try It!" links for membership conversion.

Phase 2: the form

After revising the home page, a key second page needed work to finish the job: the membership page was evaluated, reskinned to match, and split into a multi-part form. Testing is currently in progress to complete the optimization process.

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