Fundraising & NPO Websites

This is how you raise money while sleeping:

1. Tell better stories. Fundraising sites are competing with thousands of other causes, so it's your storytelling that captures the minds and hearts of donors both online and off. 
2. Don't forget the goal.  Your fundraising site must enable giving, not drive traffic back to facebook or youtube. An amazing number of fundraising websites forget to ask for the donation—or make it an afterthought.
3. Analyze and revise. Without analytics, you may never know why funds aren't coming in. Careful attention and split-testing, site performance can be tuned and improved over time.

Case Study: Feeding the Nations

Our first project with Provident Ministries, required rapid redesign and transition to a new hosting service before an upcoming radiothon in early 2015.

Thinkfeelrespond combined existing assets with new graphics and format to showcase the extensive international relief work of FTN. All in approximately two weeks time.


1. Rebuild site and redirect domain while minimizing downtime associated with transfer. This was complicated by a UCC multi-site SSL certificate which required migration of 4 other domains almost simultaneously. 
2. Retain existing content— hundreds of legacy blog posts detailing the work of FTN around the world.
3. Increase giving with clearly marked calls to action in the form of menu items, footer links, and DONATE! buttons throughout the site.
4. Enable language translation for site visitors from around the world through Google Translation extensions
5. Integrate existing formstack forms into the site to provide seamless processing of donations through existing payment gateways

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