Project Examples (just the web stuff here)

Thinkfeelrespond builds websites, presentations, business identity, and a variety of other design-driven interactive solutions:

1. Live Sites. Keep in mind that the websites linked below are often managed by clients or third-party providers, and so they may no longer represent the complete original work provided by TFR.
2. Private Label / Whitelabel. TFR provides white label service to agencies wishing to augment their digital delivery while working with a local or US-based supplier. I do not show those sites here to protect their privacy, but I can explain the process and provide examples upon request.
3. Custom Work. Not sure if TFR can build it? Just ask!

Osteopathic Medical Clinic website with hosting and mobile optimization focus

Thinkfeelrespond provided:
— Logo/branding development
— Photography and retouching
— Icon development for services
— Domain migration and hosting
— Forms support
— Patient portal linking
— SSL (https) service

Executive recruiters for the natural products industry:
custom/animated with photography

Thinkfeelrespond provided:
— Logo/branding development
— Photography
— Technical illustrations and animation
— Presentation prep

Responsive single-page site for

Thinkfeelrespond provided:
— one-page responsive website
— Code and installation
— Google Analytics configuration and integration
— Logo rebuild for multiple uses
— Custom background from supplied low-resolution art

Book promotion landing page

Thinkfeelrespond provided:
— Page design and custom photoshop assembly
— stock imagery and retouching
— coding and installation on client server
— Technical support for server (htacess) configuration after installation of UCC cert.

Native American
community health:
webflow/background video

thinkfeelrespond provided:
— Logo conversion and SVG rendering
— Custom palette development
— Video background prep
— Unique tribal design integration
— Instagram and google apps integration
— Google custom map development
— Google custom scripts for uploading

Commercial services:

Thinkfeelrespond provided:
— Branding/logo cleanup
— Retouching and custom design
— Scroll-triggered messaging
— Email and server configuration


Thinkfeelrespond provided:
— Custom branding and logo development
— Custom palette development
— Special photo treatments for banners
— Photography for location and staff

Business to Consumer:

Thinkfeelrespond provided:
— Custom branding and logo development
— Custom palette development
— Photography and retouching
— Custom form support

Professional Services:

Thinkfeelrespond provided:
— Custom branding and logo development
— Custom palette development
— Retouching
— illustration for home page display
— Forms prep and server cleanup at client's godaddy hosting account
— SSL installation and configuration

Multi-service websites:
wordpress/woocommerce (split landing)

Thinkfeelrespond provides:
— Site maintenance and graphics
— All product photography
— Retouching and optimization
— Mailchimp integration and templates

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