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Great logos can look deceptively simple. The process, however, requires an understanding of all the possible applications that modern marks are used in. It also requires mastery of vector drawing tools, experience with conventional printing and reproduction processes, and knowledge of digital compression/optimization tools.

Beyond the technical aspects of logo development, I continuously research logo and lettering trends, color trends and both historical and emerging styles. Call or use the contact form below for a consultation on your logo, branding, and graphic development needs.

dotphoto.com logo

Redrawn from a classic, the original logo was badly drawn and did not reduce well. This new version was part of a complete branding overhaul which is partly documented here.

Midwest Heavy Duty Mark

Symbolic of the bold castings and stencil templates favored in heavy machine applications, the mark has been adapted for use on tiny package labels and large truckside signs.

Anchor Bay Clinic Mark

Used in a variety of applications, the new mark was needed to standardize graphics for this growing multi-physician medical practice in New Baltimore, MI.

Anchor Bay Service Graphics

Iconography developed for Anchor Bay Clinic as part of a series to quickly communicate the range of services and practice-specific benefits. See all of them on the site.

DETOX mark

Detox is the youth group at Christ Chapel in South Bend, Indiana. They were looking for a new mark to replace the previous grunge-inspired graphic, and this series was inspired by skateboard culture. Cross is more or less prominent at the center.

Tonnancour Toffee Branding

Excerpts from extensive brand development for a new gourmet Toffee brand. The version below shows printing on a metallic foil sticker used to close the custom die-cut box.

Michigan Center mark

MCFWH's mark was not well suited to icons, favicons, size reduction, and use over multi-colored backgrounds. TFR adapted the initial family concept and expanded it to imply "in vitro fertilization" as well— the "baby in womb" now doubles as insemination graphic.

Custom-drawn mark

When Econo Car Rentals of Port Huron requested a new site, correcting some of the typographic problems with his existing mark was part of the project.

The single letter "E" became a site favicon (the small logo that appears in browser tabs)... and several other site elements were also made in this signature style.

Orchid Holistic Search Mark

Rendered in multiple versions, this layered transparent mark became a modern and scalable expression of the OHS flower that inspired their brand name.

Beans & Rice fundraiser graphic

When Feeding The Nations decided to launch a special fundraiser across social media, they needed a mark that could be silk-screened on T-shirts, stamped over photographs, and visible on small mobile screens.

TFR's final mark (top two in brown) includes a larger scale version with texture, and a solid version for reduction on the smallest screens.

Three colored graphics below show alternate designs and color schemes not chosen.

Auto Parts Distribution Branding

Branding system developed with a color gradient for use in signage, web, and packaging applications.

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