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Great logos can look deceptively simple. The process, however, requires an understanding of all the possible applications that modern marks are used in. It also requires mastery of vector drawing tools, experience with conventional printing and reproduction processes, and knowledge of digital compression/optimization tools.

Beyond the technical aspects of logo development, I continuously research logo and lettering trends, color trends and both historical and emerging styles. Call or use the contact form below for a consultation on your logo, branding, and graphic development needs.

DETOX mark

Detox is the youth group at Christ Chapel in South Bend, Indiana. They were looking for a new mark to replace the previous grunge-inspired graphic, and this series was inspired by skateboard culture. Cross is more or less prominent at the center.

Pro-Active Performance mark

As part of a comprehensive redesign of Pro-Active's website, TFR redrew the original "P" for continuity, developed a complementary color scheme and unified the site with a rounded hexagon.

Full color version is final mark. The Hex-P also serves as a standalone mark.

Developmental options are shown in gray and blue immediately below.

Michigan Center mark

MCFWH's mark was not well suited to icons, favicons, size reduction, and use over multi-colored backgrounds. TFR adapted the initial family concept and expanded it to imply "in vitro fertilization" as well— the "baby in womb" now doubles as insemination graphic.

Salt Mine Church mark

Salt Mine, a historic black church on Detroit's east side, desired a mark as rich as their heritage. After exploring a number of options, TFR struck gold with this dimensional logo-illustration that also adapts well to single-color applications (below).

The name and logo concept are based on a quote from Matthew 5:13 ("you are the salt of the earth") which is also the basis for their domain: m513smc.org

Beans & Rice fundraiser graphic

When Feeding The Nations decided to launch a special fundraiser across social media, they needed a mark that could be silk-screened on T-shirts, stamped over photographs, and visible on small mobile screens.

TFR's final mark (top two in brown) includes a larger scale version with texture, and a solid version for reduction on the smallest screens.

Three colored graphics below show alternate designs and color schemes not chosen.

ZUM mark

Zanesville United Methodist church has a long history in Zanesville, Indiana. Among their most distinctive features is the tower visible for many miles around.

TFR rebuilt their site, then rebuilt an icon that would preserve the tower in a way as memorable online as it is in real life.

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