Commercial Services Websites

What can a website do for your Commercial Services, B2B, or other non-retail organization?

1. Increase sales. Websites are increasingly used by government employees, procurement specialists and suppliers to find new vendors/suppliers and to assess the credibility and competitiveness of even well-established bidders. In many businesses, a single new customer can pay for the whole cost of the website.
2. Recruit talent. While specialized recruitment sites are used to post jobs, they inevitably link back to your site— if you have one. You can also post jobs directly with much greater flexibility than is offered on job sites without the placement fees.
3. Enable your operational communications. Employee email, secure file exchange, internal and external training videos, operational announcements, and much more can be facilitated through a well-conceived business website. 

Case Study: G&T Pressure Washing and Pump Repair LLC

Since their first website back in 2010, G&T had grown but their site had not changed. TFR's original solution was still running with after five years with zero maintenance, but was now incompatible with tablets and phone-sized screens.

More importantly, G&T's business model had evolved to include construction, wood repair, painting and deck building. Few were even referenced on the original website.

Like many of our customers, G&T came back to thinkfeelrespond when it was time to start fresh.


1. Expand the G&T story to showcase key services beyond pressure washing. To take advantage of newer search trends, TFR built a multi-page site with each page focused on a key deliverable and all cross-linked. The color scheme was patterned after G&T's existing truck designs.
2. Provide testimonials on every page of the site, and allow for easy addition of new testimonials. This was accomplished with a repeated slider.
3. Draw attention to deck safety inspections as an opportunity to bid a variety of decking projects. Using CSS animation, a clipboard pop-up on the home page is linked to an expanded safety story below.
4. Provide multiple methods of contact, ranging from forms to call buttons to a physical address. You can never have too much contact information, and analytics data shows this is frequently the most sought-after content on any web site.

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