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Gathering your people online has some extra benefits:

1. Redeeming the web. Messages worth telling and stories worth sharing must find their way to the web, so why not streamline the process from the outset? For those who can’t or won’t attend church physically, a well-designed website can reach them where they’re at with hope, peace, and love. 
2. Keeping the community calendar. With so many activities to coordinate and so many workers to inform, a community calendar is best hosted on your own webpage. It’s perfect for last-minute changes and announcements, too.
3. Enabling financial support. Every organization needs funding, and the church gets it through voluntary donations. These are increasingly enabled through PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, and other electronic forms of giving that can be integrated into your modern website.

Case Study: Christ Chapel

Like many older sites, Christ Chapel’s was difficult to keep updated, visually out of style, and little used by the membership.

These limitations were in part attributed to the site’s non-mobile friendly design and a modx architecture that was entirely different from other sites managed by Provident Ministries.


1. Bring a fresh, mobile-first look that invites younger Bring a fresh, mobile-first look that invites younger families and visitors from a growing nearby community. With a familiar WordPress interface and all-new photography, TFR went a step further to uniquely style photography for a custom look.
2. Showcase activities for every member with links from an animated slider, homepage feature tiles, and individual informational pages.
3. Integrate an existing Google Calendar with a customized iframe embed and create continuity for site managers and individual users.
4. Enable prayer requests, simple directional navigation, and online review of podcasts in video and audio through mobile-friendly pages formatted for one-thumb navigation.

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