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Truth+Beauty (get both)

The best business promotions start with Truth—the core of your brand and the reason why you are in business.
Beauty—in words and visual design—is what sets your truths apart.

Business Branding + Graphic Design + Photography + Illustration + Animation + Video + Measurable Results

Lp Landing
Page redesign

Optimize your landing page for membership conversion


Magazine design for
Porsche North America

Design and build a hybrid publication for digital + print delivery


Orchid Holistic Search Web & Pitch work

Custom website, branding, photography, and PowerPoint presentation


KBIC Health website and
community portal

Custom site design and CMS for a progressive
Native American community


Dana Corp. technical communications

Converting technical details into press-ready stories


Midwest HD logo,
UI design & Packaging

Fresh branding, user interface design, and packaging


Site management for Dr. Carole Kowalczyk

Ongoing site updates and photography for a booming medical practice


Powerful hosting to fit your needs

LAMP stacks, Wordpress, Amazon EC3, and more options from the best providers.

Need help with an existing website? Or help migrating to a new host?

Domain management. Need to regain control of your domain, migrate to a new host, or centralize at one registrar? We give you back control.

Agency White Label services. Tired of working with site coders who don’t understand design, color, typography, or brands? We solve that dilemma.

Design adjustments/upgrades. Need help modifying a site you own? TFR assists with sites on many platforms and provides emergency repairs, hosting, and upgrades.

"When it became clear that our Wordpress/Woocommerce platform was holding back in Harmony's growth, we were referred to Oliver at thinkfeelrespond. We're thrilled with the result and are now working with Oliver to promote and manage the operation, as well as to prepare for our next site launch."

Victoria Birk Hill, VP Marketing & Sales, In Harmony llc
After years of managing through Microsoft FrontPage, we could no longer find a hosting provider to support that solution. Based on our use and budget, Oliver recommended a Wordpress site and customized it to fit our needs. Thinkfeelrespond went above and beyond our expectations... Our site now looks modern, is easy to manage, and it finally looks great on a mobile phone!

Brian Ohlwine, webmaster,

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